Welcome To Speaking of Sara!

Welcome To Speaking of Sara!

Hey there!

You seem to have found your way to my new home here on the mystic internet! So, welcome! I have migrated a portion of posts from my old blog, because I couldn’t bear the thought of trashing all of them!

For those of you who are new to my writing: this is the place where I like to tell my stories. Some of them are tales collected from travels, some are musings from inside my own head and some are amusing little tidbits from my everyday attempts at adulthood.  I hope that you enjoy your time reading them as much as I have enjoyed putting the proverbial ‘pen to paper’, if you will.

There are some major changes that I’m looking forward to writing about in short order, but today, I just wanted to leave this little greeting here.

Soon, I’ll be publishing some posts about:
World Nomads 2016 Travel Writing Scholarship
-Being a first time homeowner: happiness & hell
-My recent journey through Northern India and Nepal
-A few updates on my life in general

Until then, here is a lovely photo of my friend KV and I in Orchha:


I can’t wait to see where this adventure will take us, together!
Sara Jo


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