What is She Doing with Her Life??

What is She Doing with Her Life??


Decide what to be

I created this bucket list about three years ago after much reflection. When I finally returned to writing about 2 months ago, the amount of items I was able to tick off filled me with motivation to keep pushing for more, both to add and to accomplish. The greatest thing that I have ever learned is this: Decide what you want to do(see, learn or be), and then work until you get to do it(see it, know it or be it).

I would love for you to tell me your big accomplishments and the things that dream of when you should be paying attention in a meeting at work! Is there anything on my list that seems like complete nonsense to you?

Action/Adventure Related:
-Go Zorbing
-Scuba the Great Barrier Reef
Go Paragliding (3-31-16)
Skydive (9-22-13)
-Learn to ride a motorcycle
Hold a koala (5-13-14)
-Ride an overnight passenger train
Spend the night in a ‘haunted’ place (9-21-13)
-Touch a whale
-Drive (legally) on the left side of the road
-Break up a fight

Other People Related:
Fall in love(March 2015)
Have a paint fight(November 2014)
-Inspire someone
-Get hitched
Help a stranger in crisis(3/18/16)
-Have a kid or two
-Save someone’s life
Take a road trip with a virtual stranger (9-22-13)
-Twister + Paint
-Hook a lock onto a bridge
-Murder/mystery dinner
-Attend a Ballet or Opera
Cry with a stranger(3/17/16)
-Pay it forward
-See Adele live
-Join someone who is eating alone in a restaurant

Related Just to ME!:
Run a Half-Marathon (10-26-13)(11-10-13)
-Learn a foreign language to fluency
-Pack a long weekend bag, go to the airport, and pick a flight. Figure out everything else upon arrival.
-Live Abroad
Finish an entire tube of chapstick without losing it (x4)
-Give bone marrow
-Write a book, and submit it to a publisher
-Open my own business
-Complete a Triathlon
Meet someone famous (11-15-13)(Richard Gere)(05/17/14)(Peter Dinklage)
-Complete a century ride
-Learn to dance(ballroom)

Travel Related:
-See the Aurora Borealis (Iceland)
-Go to the World Cup
-Have a bagel in NYC
Eat a cheese steak in Philly (11-14-13)
-Make a pizza (Italy)
See Uluru (Australia) (2014)
-Pray at the Wailing Wall (Israel)
-Hike the East Coast Trail (Canada)
-Machu Pichu (Peru)
-Ankor Wat (Cambodia)
-Auchwitz (Poland)
-Attend the Running of the Bulls (Spain)
-Hike Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
-Safari (Kenya)
-Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)
-Haarlem and Tulips (Netherlands)
-Stay with nomads (Kazakhstan)
See Everest (Nepal)(4/4/16)
-Visit Petra (Jordan)
-New Zealand
Celebrate Holi in India (3/17/16)
-Boznia and Herzegovina
-Russia (so I can wave at Sarah Palin)
-South Africa

Here are some from other people’s lists that I am PROUD to have completed. If I were to accomplish nothing on my list, I have already been blessed to see and do more than a lot of people:

Be Someone’s Mentor
Learn to Legitimately Play a Song on any Musical Instrument
Sleep under the stars
Grow a garden and eat the produce
Spend time at a concentration camp
See a tornado touch ground
Try to make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace
Go to a drive-in movie theater
See Stonehenge
Take a yoga class
Get a standing ovation
Eat alligator in the Deep South
Be completely out of debt.
Sleep on a Trampoline
Ride a Double Decker Bus 
Set atop the London Eye
Finish a corn maze
Hear Niagara Falls
Hike part of the Appalachians
Kiss the Blarney Stone
Own a cool antique
Take a road trip
Take a spiritual retreat in a cabin
Take an art class
Be in two places at once
Drink a beer in Germany

Visit Washington, D.C.