World Nomads 2016 Travel Writing Scholarship

World Nomads 2016 Travel Writing Scholarship


Hi again to all of you gorgeous people!

This past week, I submitted my entry to the World Nomads 2016 Travel Writing Scholarship, in the 11th hour, of course. I wanted to take a moment to share with you my entry piece, but I want to give you a little background information first. Also, I will likely tell a slightly more detailed version of this as I’m writing through my time in South Asia.

I shared a row on my KLM flight from Amsterdam to New Delhi with 2 elderly Indian sisters, who were traveling from the UK. I ended up speaking to the younger of the two for most of the flight, as we both cared for her elder, ailing sister. Being young, relatively strong and experienced in elder care (due to my chosen career), I had a very active part in helping her sister to eat, re-position and even make a couple of trips to the lav, using my scarf as an improvised gait belt.

These two women shared their heart-clenching story with me and it is one of the foremost memories of my entire journey… and it all took place before I even arrived in the country.

I hope that it will grip you in the same way that it has me… and hopefully in the way that it will affect the judges!

Sisters and Seatmates

If you have the time to read it, I would love if you also had the time to leave a comment. Tell me your thoughts! What you liked or didn’t. What stands out to you. We can all grow through criticism, and I am open to what you have to say!

Until next we meet!
Sara Jo

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